Actor, dancer, and high school track and field coach Jaime Callica will appear on the small screen Thursday.

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Jaime Callica

Jaime Callica

Jaime Callica is making every minute on screen count as he builds his acting career.

The Maple Ridge thespian has an approximate two-minute speaking role in an episode of the CW drama The Secret Circle, airing Thursday (March 15) at 9 p.m. PST.

Callica plays a blackjack dealer in this episode of the series, which revolves around five teenage witches who form a coven known as “The Secret Circle.”

His scenes are set in a high school turned into a casino for a high school soirée.

“In the scenes I am in, one of the characters keeps going on this run of 21s, so I’m confused about how this is possible because I obviously don’t know that she has powers,” Callica explained. “So the couple of scenes I am in are in the casino. [They are] the prominent scenes of the episode.”

The Maple Ridge Secondary grad is hoping for his own run of luck as he leaves his business career in the rear view to focus solely on acting.

Prior to The Secret Circle, Callica had a comparable role in Smallville.

In a Smallville episode that aired last year, Callica was one-half of a “kissing couple,” who were millimeters away from having their kissers re-arranged by a stray bullet

“They use this really crazy lens where they slow the scene down and the graphics department shows a bullet passing through our lips, and it goes into the tailpipe of the character they were trying to assassinate,” Callica said. “That was really cool.”

The Smallville cameo was a dream come true for Callica, one mighty Superman fan.

His favourite film is Superman and ironically, Callica will also appear in the next Superman movie, Man of Steel, to be released in June 2013.

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