Fake Love

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016 in Blog | 4 comments

Fake Love:   As I lay in bed awake at 5:21am watching the clock tick away, I decide now is the time to start writing my thoughts as I have been intending to do so for some time. Meanwhile, all I wish at this moment is that I did something more than absolutely nothing today so that I’d be tired enough to actually fall asleep at a decent hour. “Relax Jaime, you work a lot” they tell me. Problem is, I honestly feel like I don’t truly know HOW to. Hence my being wide awake right now after doing almost nothing on this Sunday fun day! I mean, I know how to do very little, but even...

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Background: Behind The Scenes!

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment

Hola! So, for those of you who have never done background, this video encompasses what your friend’s that have come to love! Meet new fun people, get paid to hang out, get fed, get fat (free food throughout ones day will do that to you lol), nap and often see/meet many of the stars that we all have come to love. Many actors in the early stages of their careers often supplement their income with some BG (background) days on set. Great for making industry connections and simply for learning things that books and classes can’t teach you. Here is a video of a day of background that I...

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I’m baaaAaaackkkkk!

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Blog | 8 comments

So as some of you may (or may not) have noticed, the site has been down for a little while. 107 days to be exact. Just kidding, I have no idea how many “exact days” that it has been. Aaaand I lie to you. I DO. It was a very painful 107 days since that dreaded day that I broke my OWN site trying to be ‘smart’ and update plug-ins and other back-end components that I know nothing about! Thankfully after weeks and weeks of tirelessly searching the web, sifting through Craigslist and begging friends that know more about WordPress than I to fix my site for free or very close...

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Trinidad 2012

Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Blog | 2 comments

Sooo as previously mentioned, my Grandfather wasn’t doing so well. He has one of the worst diseases that pharmaceutical companies STILL won’t admit to having a cure for… Cancer. It has spread throughout his body, and despite being a fighter, I’m really not trying to make my next trip to Trini under even worse circumstances than at current day. So I’m off- literally booking my ticket the day before leaving. I may be a nerd that idolizes the likes of Trump, Bronson and Newman (yes- VICTOR Newman) but something about booking a trip to the Caribbean the day before...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

Hola! Been a while but I can say with confidence that I will NEVER abandon you, my lovely readers, again! Its been too long and if only you could tell ME what you’ve been up to, like I will do for you, could I realllly be really happy 😉 Where to start… Ah! Well I will be heading to Trinidad soon. My Grandfather isn’t well and I’m waiting for the word of whether or not I absolutely need to go or not. I pray he keeps well. Acting has been a bit slow. Doesn’t make me feel lovely, but I’ve been told its “not just me, the entire industry is...

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Funny mood….

Posted by on Feb 19, 2012 in Blog | 2 comments

You ever get into a weird, sort of ‘off’ type of mood? Well despite your caring or not, I’m in one. Went to watch a movie with my boy Cheddar, and upon leaving the theater, I felt this sudden wave of sadness. Maybe not sadness  so much as anger. But that’s what is ‘funny’ about it… I really had no reason to be angry or any other pejorative adjective. Regardless, I’m here now so I must deal! I guess what really bothers me sometimes  is how selfish a lot of humans can be. I mean, we all naturally will look out for ourselves first as a means of...

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