Life is Nice..

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How is everyone? Let me tell you, I was in a pretty bad funk for the first month of 2012 until I got to the set of the new Superman movie! Man, being on set makes me feel so alive. Some people complain with having to work longer hours, I welcome and encourage them! THAT and Superman is tied for top spot on my favourite movie list (tied with Beauty and The Beast. Belle is gorgeous- don’t judge me lol). I digress….  This new Superman movie is going to be epic. Directed by Zack Snyder, Produced by Chris Nolan who directed the last 3 Batman movies, which are renowned as being some of...

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Why has it been so long?

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WOW! I can’t believe it’s been close to eons that I haven’t written here. Goal to self: WRITE more often!! This is going to be a quick one merely as a kick in my own a$$ to get on it and share the wonderful things that occur in my life. I have no other excuse BUT that I’ve been traveling this beautiful globe, working and training like a beast. Loving the time spent with fam and friends and really trying to master the balance between work and play (if any of you have it down, TIPS please!!) I WILL be back and my next post will substantially more worthwhile than this- I...

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I’m HERE!!

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 My first blog posting….sigh… why has it taken so long!?! This will unfortunately be a short one as I’m currently sitting in my car typing on my new handy dandy iPhone 4. Great little device, not the easiest to type a long blog posting on! The purpose my blog will be to keep in touch with family, friends and business associates. Some posts will be geared clearly toward one group more than the other, but I’m sure you’ll figure that out pretty quickly as you read about my bird that got out of the cage or the business I most recently purchased! Until very...

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