Dancer Jaime Callica brings his talent to TV in the Nickelodeon movie “Ragz”

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Jaime Callica

Jaime Callica

Jaime Callica brings his talent to television again, this time in the upcoming Nickelodeon TV musical “Ragz”. The feature is premiering this month.

Callica began his career as a dancer, his first break coming in 2010 in as a performer in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”.  Since then, he has appeared in “Hellcats” and danced for artists such as Sean Paul, Shades of Soul and Vancouver’s very own Rosette. Callica’s newest project, the upcoming MOW “Ragz”, (airing later this month), is a coming-of-age tale about Kadee, a budding performer looking to enhance her musical career.

Callica took the leap from dancer to actor with roles in both film and television. First acting in the Vancouver-based series “Smallville”, Callica’s most recent appearance was in an episode of “The Secret Circle,” which aired last month. Jaime’s upcoming roles include an appearance in the buzzed about Superman movie “Man of Steel,” to be released in June 2013.

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