Funny mood….

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You ever get into a weird, sort of ‘off’ type of mood? Well despite your caring or not, I’m in one.

Went to watch a movie with my boy Cheddar, and upon leaving the theater, I felt this sudden wave of sadness. Maybe not sadness  so much as anger. But that’s what is ‘funny’ about it… I really had no reason to be angry or any other pejorative adjective. Regardless, I’m here now so I must deal!

I guess what really bothers me sometimes  is how selfish a lot of humans can be. I mean, we all naturally will look out for ourselves first as a means of self-preservation, but some people in this aesthetically pretty city  of Vancouver reallllllly care about themselves  and only themselves. It’s when I most often catch myself fantasizing about drop kicking people if it meant I would’t go to prison lol. And the mere fact that I feel the need to even respond to these morons has to be some sort of daddy complex that I’ve developed over the years of being the youngest amongst my peers, but having to always act and think as the eldest… What can one do… *sigh*

In fact, I’m still trying to find the direction that this blog will take…. Will it be me ranting about tv shows and movies I’m in or love? About curent or past events of “my life” (neat how I did that there right?!) or will it be some miraculous combination of both and a little of everything else the internet could offer? I don’t know, but I promise you that we’ll figure it out together.

Until next time….