Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hola! Been a while but I can say with confidence that I will NEVER abandon you, my lovely readers, again! Its been too long and if only you could tell ME what you’ve been up to, like I will do for you, could I realllly be really happy 😉

Where to start… Ah! Well I will be heading to Trinidad soon. My Grandfather isn’t well and I’m waiting for the word of whether or not I absolutely need to go or not. I pray he keeps well. Acting has been a bit slow. Doesn’t make me feel lovely, but I’ve been told its “not just me, the entire industry is slow”… Doesn’t pay the bills per say, but it keeps some tears out of my eyes!

Thanksgiving dinner was lovely. Intimate- Ma and I. Probably the hardest part of living in Vancouver with no other family close by. At least in Toronto we (Ma and I) both have friends and family to look forward to seeing during the various holidays during the year. You play the hand you’re dealt I guess. She’s my favourite person anyway, so I was cool kickin’ it Ma and son styles 🙂

Next stop: Trinidad. A little surprise thereafter, can’t say much more than that right now *shhhh*

Until next time…