Here Is Why ABC Gives Imaginary Mary Less Episodes

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ABC has not even set a premiere date Imaginary Mary. But the network already trimmed the show from 13 episodes down to nine.

What does it mean for Jenna Elfman, who toplines the upcoming series? The freshman comedy is the first 2016-17 show to get less episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s animation requires more time to complete. Sources claim it resulted to episode reduction.

Elfman plays Alice, a bachelorette in her 30s who has an imaginary friend (voiced by Saturday Night Live’s Rachel Dratch). Her childhood imaginary friend Mary returns in her adult life to ease her transition from a single girl to a woman getting ready for another chapter of her life. She has fears in terms of dealing with children and being in marriage.

However, Imaginary Mary becomes more of a troublemaker than a great companion.

The upcoming comedy also stars Broad City’s Stephen Schneider who will play her boyfriend. Schneider portrays a divorced man with three children (Matreya Scarrwener, Erica Tremblay and Nicholas Coombe). Alice’s life will turn upside down once she meets Schneider’s character.

The Goldbergs showrunners Adam F. Goldberg and David Guarascio created the live-action CGI pilot. Disney’s Oscar-winning animator Patrick Osborne designed the animation for the series and Stranger Things helmer Shawn Levy will direct.

Jill Morrison, Jason Cermak, Sunita Prasad, Jaime M. Callica, Kadence Kendall Roach and Jaime Schneider will also have appearances in Imaginary Mary.

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