High on life!

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Howdy friendly, beautiful readers. How have you been since we last spoke? I hope fantastically as the opposite would suck! I myself have been rather up and down…. The passing of my most favourite aunt was a serious blow to my happiness. For my entire life, she was the aunt that I stayed with anytime I visited Trinidad, she was the person my mom credited for teaching her how to cook and practically being a second mother-figure to her growing up. Needless to say, huge loss for my mom and I.
It came at an especially bad time as I learned of her passing while in L.A. on a trip that I could describe only as “magical” up until that point. I guess death really doesn’t wait for opportune times; Tomorrow is never promised.

On to some cheerful convo?! I’m ok with that!  Whilst away in L.A. I was blessed with the opportunity to be the subject of a couple of interviews which were discussing my new and budding acting career. Let me tell you, knowing when to STOP talking during an interview is an asset I must acquire lol. A lot of the questions start to become resembling of one another from interview to interview, which some might see as monotonous, to me however, I take as practice you know? Bring on the questions people!! I was super excited to watch the episode of the CW network show The Secret Circle that I was on this past week (March 15th, 2012) and even happier that I didn’t get edited out! You wouldn’t believe how often that happens and to an actor/dancer, not making the show or movie is the worst thing possible. Trust me… Its happened to me before! My friends say: “but didn’t you get paid anyway?” Yup, I sure did. Having your work seen is worth so much more than a paycheque when you’re doing what you love to do. That, and watching your mother in tears as she reads newspaper articles on her only child, or sits anxiously as your scene is about to air…. Priceless. For everything else, there’s Mastercard (pls send royalty chq to my agent please Mastercard lol).

Until next time….