Interview: Jaime Callica Talks The Romeo Section – Exclusive

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Jaime-CallicaJaime Callica is about to star in a breakout role that is sure to please his fans and viewers alike. Fresh off a successful stint in season 2 of FOX’s Wayward Pines, Jaime is set to appear in a recurring role in the second season of CBC’s The Romeo Section.

We had to chance to chat with Jaime Callica about his role in the CBC drama series, what viewers can expect from the season, and what he’s been binge-watching himself.

Check out our exclusive interview with Jaime Callica below:

What inspired you to get into acting? Was there anyone who influenced you?

My first inspiration to performing was Michael Jackson. He’s my hero, outside of my ma, of course! I remember seeing that man dance and act from the age of 3 and thinking “THAT is what I will do one day!”

Can you talk a little about your role in The Romeo Section and what originally attracted you to it? How will this role differ from previous ones you’ve played?

I play a character named Don, and it’s honestly the most different role I’ve played to date. I almost don’t want to say too much other than you are going to die when you see what’s in store. Okay, please don’t die, I can’t have that on my conscience – ha! Originally, I didn’t know much about the show. I knew it existed and that it was shot here and had a couple of friends that worked on it, but outside of that – not much. It wasn’t until I got the audition and started to do some homework that I learned what I was missing out on. The show is wonderful. Raw, gritty, real… doesn’t feel like network TV at all. Definitely resembling shows on HBO and AMC and I am so pumped to be working on it!

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