Life is Nice..

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How is everyone? Let me tell you, I was in a pretty bad funk for the first month of 2012 until I got to the set of the new Superman movie! Man, being on set makes me feel so alive. Some people complain with having to work longer hours, I welcome and encourage them! THAT and Superman is tied for top spot on my favourite movie list (tied with Beauty and The Beast. Belle is gorgeous- don’t judge me lol). I digress….  This new Superman movie is going to be epic. Directed by Zack Snyder, Produced by Chris Nolan who directed the last 3 Batman movies, which are renowned as being some of the best Batman movies ever! (Batman Begins, The Dark Night & Dark Night Rises)

This week I booked an episode of the TV show “The Secret Circle” which is AWESOME because I’ve auditioned for the show a couple of times and hadn’t booked it. THIS was particularly sweet as I didn’t actually have to audition, rather, the casting directors for the show suggested me to the director/producer then booked the job. Let me tell you…. if I could KISS both Heiki and Corrine (casting agents) I would! I don’t think it would be considered ‘professional’ so I think I’ll stick with a thank you card lol!

My religion is Catholic and at times I feel like I should try to be closer to God, other times, I bank on the fact that my wonderful mother is close enough for the both of us! Either way, she has instructed me to say: “Jesus…. I believe in you” and let me tell you… right now, I’m quite enjoying saying it.

So I’ll wrap this one up with- Jesus…. I believe in you!

Stay tuned. Until next time, have a wonderful EVERYTHING!