Trinidad 2012

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HAVE to love you some Maracas Beach!

HAVE to love you some Maracas Beach!

Sooo as previously mentioned, my Grandfather wasn’t doing so well. He has one of the worst diseases that pharmaceutical companies STILL won’t admit to having a cure for… Cancer. It has spread throughout his body, and despite being a fighter, I’m really not trying to make my next trip to Trini under even worse circumstances than at current day. So I’m off- literally booking my ticket the day before leaving. I may be a nerd that idolizes the likes of Trump, Bronson and Newman (yes- VICTOR Newman) but something about booking a trip to the Caribbean the day before feels MAD bossy to me… Maybe it’s just me. Likely not though lol.

So I get to the airport a teeeency bit behind schedule only for them to tell
me that “there’s no way to get me nor my bags on the plane”.  To which I say: “I’m sorry- I checked in on-line… Doesn’t that mean all I have to do is drop my bag off then go get frisked by security??”. Response: “yes- but we close the baggage drop one hour before”. PEOPLE!! Such bits of information realllllly ought to be told to
me!!! Nonetheless, after relentless begging, I get on the flight.

(Fast forward past the horrrribly turbulent flight that even drinking couldn’t help)

I’ve arrived!! I have looked forward to the mere smell of my country for so long… Customs, duty free (gotta take care of the family) and then baggage. Sounded simple right? WRONG. Of course my bags aren’t here. Where they are at this point is anyone’s guess, but at Piarco airport they are not. So sad I am but definitely not trying to let it damper my mood. So I fill out the necessary paperwork and head outside to meet the cousins. Get some doubles and we’re off! The next two days consisted of wearing my cousin Nequila’s boyfriends clothes (minus the drawers… I washed mine instead lol) until my bag arrived. Bliss was to follow…

Had the most wonderful time with y family. Went to the hospital day #2 without fail to visit Grand dad. He looked good… Better than I had envisioned that’s for sure. Hung out for a while until the nurse kindly, albeit swiftly, escorted my out as “visiting hours were up”. Left with my Uncle Joey aaaand you guessed it… Killed off some boss Chinese food.

The rest of the trip was filled with family time. During such time we definitely partied, ate everything I wanted to, partied, gym every single day, hit the beach, movies, and even made a few new friends. There is something miraculous about Trinidad’s ability to simply LIVE. I’ve been to a lot of places on this beautiful Earth and I can assure you- there’s NOWHERE like Trinidad & Tobago.

Remember that surprise I mentioned? Stay tuned!

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photo by: neiljs